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Head of Talent

Kirrawee (South Sydney), NSW 2232
Application Close:
January 10, 2023

About SunDrive

SunDrive is an Australian solar technology start-up on a mission to unlock solar’s full potential. Only 1% of the world’s energy needs are currently met by solar, yet today’s solar technology is fast approaching its limits in terms of solar cell efficiency, costs and material scalability. The common denominator behind these limitations is the use of the precious metal silver (20% of the world’s industrial silver consumption is due to solar manufacturing). SunDrive has developed a novel copper-based solar technology to address these limitations - copper is 100x cheaper per kg and 1000x more abundant than silver. In September 2021, SunDrive produced the world’s most efficient commercial size solar cell using its copper technology, showing that higher efficiencies can also be reached. Having demonstrated the potential of its technology, SunDrive is now gearing up for large scale pilot manufacturing.

Founded in 2015 by two university flatmates and backed by some of Australia’s top venture capital firms (Blackbird, Main Sequence, Virescent, Grok), tech founders, and the Australian Government, SunDrive has grown from a small PhD project in a garage to now producing world leading solar technology.

We are looking for an exceptional individual to join the SunDrive leadership team as our Head of Talent and play a critical role driving the growth of SunDrive through this exciting new chapter. This is a chance to help build a rising star which, with your help, can change the future of Australia.

What you’ll get to do at SunDrive

As SunDrive’s Head of Talent, you will own the growth of SunDrive’s world class dream team from 25 to over 100 people in 12-18 months. Reporting to SunDrive’s founders, taking on this role will involve:

• Designing and running SunDrive’s approach to talent acquisition and retention

• Creating the culture that attracts a world class solar dream team

• Designing and implementing new processes and procedures to support scaling and growth

• Helping ensure SunDrive’s culture becomes magnified in all team members during its rapid scale up phase

• Designing and establishing performance review processes

• Coaching team leads on key skills, like conducting employee performance reviews

• Being hands on and immersing yourself in all the basics (drafting JDs, employee onboarding etc.)

• Helping ensure SunDrive’s organisational structure is efficient and effective

• Assisting on the build out of SunDrive’s corporate governance and ensure this adapts/improves throughout the different stages of SunDrive’s growth

• Implementing an effective People Management software system (“HRM”)

• Establishing all necessary HR policies but avoiding unnecessary bureaucracy

• Organising team wide culture building events

Requirement and skills

• Minimum 5 years’ experience in talent acquisition and a minimum 1 year experience in a tech company

• Must have experience in high growth businesses and scaling teams

• Experience in start-up expansion phase (~25 to ~100) is preferred

• Access to a strong recruitment network (e.g., with head-hunters) is preferred

• Able to effectively evangelise the unique value proposition of SunDrive to prospective hires

• Familiar with international recruitment practices and visa requirements

Recipe for Success at SunDrive

• Above all, being honest, dependable, empathetic and a person of integrity

• Highly organised, with excellent time management skills

• Ambition, curiosity and a learning mindset to rise to each new challenge as it presents itself

• Exceptional ability to examine operational problems logically across both technical, financial and interpersonal facets of the company

• Excellent communication skills, with an ability to coordinate, direct and influence team members

• A genuine interest in clean energy and the environment

Why join SunDrive?

• Join an internationally recognised company developing world-leading solar technology right here in Australia, adding the most exciting new chapter to Australia’s rich history of solar technology development

• Be part of a passionate team dedicated to bettering the world through clean energy

• Employee share/stock options. Jump in at the ground floor whilst SunDrive is still pre-revenue

• Fully stocked kitchen and pantry (beware our wide variety of hot sauces!)


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