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First up, if you are looking for a safe, secure, cruisy 9-5 job this is not for you. If you are simply looking for ‘work experience’ in a startup this is also not for you, we are looking for individuals that will grow as we grow.  


If you’re driven, love a challenge and the prospect of joining SunDrive excites you then we want to know more about you. To do this, please provide your responses to the following questions. If there are any questions you don’t have an answer for just leave it blank.  


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6. A problem to address.


Belt direction

Suppose you have a silicon wafer located randomly on a smooth flat belt which is able to be driven forwards and backwards. The wafer is of size M6 and has a thickness of 100 microns. Describe how you would move the wafer from its current position (point ‘A’) on the belt to another location off the belt (point ‘B’ ) such that the center of the wafer is within 5 microns of point ‘B’ and the wafer is orientated within 0.02 degrees of the vertical y axis.

You are able to use any combination of mechanical, electrical and computer driven processes to achieve this task. Be creative.

Things to keep in mind:

  • The wafer is brittle and easily broken if bent or deflected. Edges on the wafer are also fragile. The wafer is easily scratched.

  • Nothing is ever perfect in the real world. Every physical process or movement will normally have some degree of error.

  • Repeatability of the process

  • Cost of any components used and tolerance or accuracy requirements on these components.

Please keep your solution to within one A4 page, including diagrams.

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