Senior Technology Analyst

Kirrawee (South Sydney), NSW 2232


Applications close: 12th August 2022


Reporting to    Chief Operating Officer with a dotted line to Chief Scientist
Job Function    Business/Financial Analysis
Direct Reports  None

Who we are

SunDrive is a solar tech start-up, creating unique solutions to reduce the cost of high efficiency solar cells, whilst enhancing their performance and sustainability by utilising more abundant materials.

SunDrive was founded in 2015 to accelerate solar cell development in Australia. Since then, we have grown from a small PhD project in a garage to producing some of the most efficient solar cells ever made in the world. In 2019, our years of technology development culminated in the fabrication of the most efficient commercial size solar cell ever made in Australia. Then in 2021, we exceeded this achievement, surpassing the world record for the most efficient commercial size solar cell to claim an efficiency of 25.54% amid competition from global solar giants.

Not only are SunDrive’s cells highly efficient; they address a key sustainability concern by replacing expensive and resource-limited silver with lower cost and more abundant copper. This means that SunDrive’s innovative technology has the potential to realise photovoltaic modules which can deliver power at a cost which is 20-30% lower than other technologies.

Position summary

As Senior Technology Analyst you will lead the development of robust commercial analyses and business cases and support the development of SunDrive’s manufacturing cost model.


  • Conduct robust PV industry supply chain research and translate supply chain cost data into value-adding commercial insights for business decision-making (e.g., benchmarking key raw material suppliers based on their prices and associated logistic costs, build resilient forecasts/sensitivity models to influence SunDrive’s cost base)

  • Conduct technical PV research by investigating various solar cell technologies including different cell structures (e.g., PERC/TOPCON/HJT/IBC) and different processing steps (e.g., PECVD/PVD/metallisation) and understanding current technology trends and predicting future trends

  • Develop systems and processes around storing, sharing and communicating data derived from SunDrive internal research and industry sources

  • Support the development of SunDrive’s manufacturing cost model

  • Perform market-entry feasibility study and drive cost optimization initiatives

  • Institutional and Industrial relationship management

  • Attend industrial/technology conferences on behalf of SunDrive

  • Analyze future production line data

Qualification & skills required

  • Tertiary qualification in Solar/Renewable Energy discipline

  • Background in Solar Engineering and/or Renewable Energy

  • Excellent analytical skills with great attention to detail

  • Prior experience working in a multi-cultural team

  • Fluency in English and Mandarin (preferred)

Final Note

​You do not need to meet every listed expectation. At SunDrive, we are open to anyone that believes they can contribute to our mission. Drive, character, and ability is the order in which we value our team.