Thanks for expressing interest in joining our mission.  


First up, if you are looking for a safe, secure, cruisy 9-5 job this is not for you. If you are simply looking for ‘work experience’ in a startup this is also not for you, we are looking for people that will grow as we grow.  


If you’re driven, love a challenge and the prospect of joining SunDrive excites you then we want to know more about you. To do this, please provide your responses to the following questions. If there are any questions you don’t have an answer for just leave it blank.  


For us to get to know you better.

Once trained, we will be counting on you to make delicate batches of near identical solar cells. Can you share with us a project or something you have done/made that has required prolonged careful attention to detail?

Optional Image Upload

Hypothetical question: One of our team members, Jack, has accidentally stepped on a finished glass/backsheet solar module, shattering exactly one cell beyond recovery whilst on his camping trip. Since it was a nice sunny day, Jack was extremely disappointed. Without our trusty photoluminescence tool, devise a way in which Jack can identify exactly which cell is broken. What other tools may help make this diagnosis process faster?

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