Solar Cell Process Engineer

Kirrawee (South Sydney), NSW 2232


Applications close: 30th May 2022

About us

SunDrive is an Australian solar technology start-up. Our goal is to unlock the full potential of solar by developing unique ways to enhance solar cell efficiencies whilst also reducing production costs. SunDrive was founded in 2015 and is backed by some of Australia’s top venture capital firms and technology founders, as well as the Australian Government. Since launch, SunDrive has grown from a small PhD project in a garage to fabricating world record breaking solar cells. Originally from Wollongong, we are now based in the South Sydney suburb of Kirrawee to further scale our operations. As we race towards mass production of solar cells and modules in Australia, we need your help to increase our R&D solar cell production capabilities.

Skills & Experience

  • A background in electrical engineering/photovoltaics engineering is desirable. You will be expected to know (or quickly learn) the inner workings of a solar cell and how they operate. Knowledge in the manufacturing steps of a solar cell is a bonus.

  • An understanding in chemistry would be highly recommended. As a solar cell processor, you will be involved in concocting up various brews of electroplating solution. We can guide you through the rest.

  • Ability to troubleshoot and repair basic electronic circuitry and components. We like to build our own tools so if you find building simple electronic circuits daunting, this role probably isn’t a good fit for you. 

  • No out of university experience is required.

About you

  • Above all, honest, dependable, empathetic and a person of integrity.

  • Steady hands and exceptional attention to detail. Delicate manual handling of thin solar cells will be required.

  • Comfortable performing repetitive manual tasks with high mental clarity and concentration (obviously within reason) – there will be instances where we will need you to fabricate hundreds of identical solar cells.

  • A natural in seeing the finer details. You need to be able to spot small subtleties and intricacies in our solar cell fabrication process.

  • A fanatic for plating – aka, making things nice and shiny.

  • Able to articulate problems to others and can communicate your thoughts openly and objectively.

  • Creative thinker and initiator. As part of this role, you will be expected to contribute original thoughts and take the initiative to act upon these.

  • Thirst for learning and developing new skills beyond your comfort zone. 

  • Team player but can also work alone to solve complicated problems with limited/given resources. 

  • Able to handle frustration and not let this: (i) influence how you interact with those around you, and (ii) ignite emotions which may lead to poor decision making. 

Your mission

  • You will learn our fabrication steps - our process engineers will show you the ropes.

  • Once trained, the team will be counting on you to make our solar cells – the thing that ultimately matters in everything we do.

  • Initially the fabrication process will be manual handling intensive, but over time as the equipment team develops more sophisticated/automated equipment, you will gradually transition to operating these.

  • Share constructive feedback to the equipment team and assist in equipment design/construction when needed.

  • Your role may also include carrying out solar cell testing – again we will teach you everything you need to do this.

  • Most importantly, add capability to what the team can achieve. With every new recruit we will be upping the ante and raising the bar.

Bonus points

  • ​Familiarity with various solar cell structures.

  • Basic knowledge of electrochemistry.

  • Previous experience working in a PV/chemistry lab.

  • Experience operating in an R&D environment. 

  • Previously worked in a start-up company.

  • Genuine interest in clean technology and the environment.

On offer

  • Join one of the world’s top solar technology start-ups while the team size is still small (<20).

  • Work with a record breaking team and Australia’s top solar cell builders.

  • Located at the heart of Sutherland Shire and a 15min walk to Kirrawee train station.

  • Fully stocked kitchen and pantry containing a wide variety of snacks, drinks and hot sauces.

  • $65-70k/yr + super + potential share/stock options. If you feel you should be outside this range, then let us know what it should be and why.

Final Note

​You do not need to meet every listed expectation. At SunDrive, we are open to anyone that believes they can contribute to our mission. Drive, character, and ability is the order in which we value our team.