Creating lower cost, higher efficiency, more material abundant solar cells.


SunDrive is a solar technology start-up based in South Sydney, Australia.The company was founded by UNSW graduates Vince Allen and David Hu in 2015 to accelerate solar cell development in Australia. We've grown from a small PhD project in a garage to producing some of the most efficient solar cells ever made in the world.

SunDrive is creating unique solutions to reduce the cost of high efficiency solar cells, whilst enhancing their performance and sustainability by utilising more abundant materials. 

Every hour there is enough energy from the Sun to power the entire world for a year. Maximising the potential of this near unlimited energy source will play a defining role in solving the greatest challenge of our time. 

Our mission is to provide clean energy that can sustain humanity's progression in the modern age whilst preserving the natural world. We believe it is ultimately up to the younger generation of today to define what the future will look like, not only for themselves but for generations to come.



Today solar is still niche, contributing to only 1% of global energy generation. If we are to realise a world where our main energy source is the Sun, then we need to look beyond the design of the traditional solar cell.

At SunDrive, we are developing a new breed of solar cells with the future in mind.

Solar cells that are:

- More efficient. 

Leads to fewer solar panels needed, reducing installation costs.

- Free of precious metals. 

Today’s solar cells contain precious metals which are both expensive and scarce.

- Less material intensive. 

Saves on material costs - achieved by reducing the solar cell thickness.

- Less prone to degradation. 

Solar cells degrade with time and temperature - its important to minimise this.

- Less energy intensive to produce. 

Saves on manufacturing costs and reduces environmental impact.


In 2021, SunDrive successfully fabricated such a solar cell and in doing so made the most efficient commercial-size solar cell ever created in the world.

A proud moment for the team, given Australia’s rich heritage in advancing solar cell technology - today’s commercial solar cells were invented in Australia 30 years ago.