Dr Maia Schweizer joins SunDrive as Chief Commercial Officer

8 November 2023
SunDrive is pleased to announce that Dr Maia Schweizer has joined as Chief Commercial Officer.

Maia brings energy sector and startup scaling experience from prior roles at McKinsey & Company, Origin Energy, Fortescue Future Industries and CleanCo Queensland where she served as the inaugural CEO. Maia trained as a geologist and astrobiologist at Princeton, Caltech and Oxford.
SunDrive CEO and co-founder Vince Allen says, “We’re delighted to welcome Maia’s capabilities to the team. With last week’s exciting milestone of producing a mass-manufactured solar cell, we’re gearing up to scale rapidly and get our breakthrough product on rooftops the world over.” Maia says, “SunDrive has a homegrown Aussie breakthrough in solar technology that’s ready to scale, and I couldn’t be more excited to join the team to help make it happen. The world needs competitive, plentiful green power ASAP, and SunDrive’s technology is part of the solution.”